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The KPI Institute

C-KPIPP – Certified KPI Professional & Practitioner

Code: KPI - 05

Duration: 5 days

Start Date: 21 July, 2024

Location: virtual


Course Overview

This learning program is structured on two levels of certifications: The KPI Certified Professional – a three days training course focused on developing know-how in working with KPIs. The certification can be obtained by taking a multiple question Certification Exam in the last day of the course. The KPI Certified Practitioner – a two days training course meant to improve the practical skills in working with KPIs and developing instruments like scorecards, dashboards and KPI documentation forms. The applied exercises of this course will enable participants to complete a trial run of all the steps required to complete the portfolio which is the basis of the KPI Practitioner Certification. The exercises will reflect a complete KPI implementation case study, from project planning to KPI data visualization.

Course Objectives

The course aims to offer participants a chance to:

  • Understand KPI measurement challenges;
  • Differentiate between objectives, KPIs and initiatives;
  • Understand KPI selection in different contexts;
  • Select KPIs for scorecards and dashboards;
  • Develop a KPI implementation project plan;
  • Optimize the KPI activation and data gathering process.

Who Should Attend?

Professionals interested in measuring performance

  • Professionals from different fields, such as finance, human resources, production, logistics, information technology and others, interested in Key Performance Indicators, will acquire the competencies needed to measure the performance of their team, department or organization.

Top/Middle/Lower Management Professionals

  • Executives or operational managers, regardless of their field of expertise, will gain the ability and knowledge to measure performance and maximize the value of using KPIs. The tools and resources offered as part of the Certified KPI Professional Training Course enable managers to apply the concepts learned within their organizations, immediately after the course.

Performance Measurement Experts

  • For professionals like Data Analyst, Strategy Manager, Performance Management Officer or Performance Architect, it is important to develop competencies in measuring performance, especially in terms of KPI selection and data gathering. Usually, this particular audience already has a performance measurement system set in place and the Course offers them the opportunity to learn the best practices used in this field and identify how their current processes and approaches regarding KPIs can be improved.

Course Outline


The World of KPIs

  • Challenges in performance measurement
  • The value added by KPIs
  • KPIs concept map
  • Governance
  • Organizational levels

Understanding KPIs

  • KPI related terminology
  • SMART objectives decomposed
  • KPI lifecycle

KPI Typology

  • Leading vs lagging KPIs
  • Qualitative vs quantitative KPIs
  • Efficiency vs effectiveness KPIs

KPI Taxonomy

  • Interdisciplinary systemic worldview
  • KPI use case scenarios
  • KPI DNA map



KPI Selection

  • KPI selection for organizational scorecard
  • KPI selection sources
  • KPI selection technique

KPIs Contect

  • KPI selection for industry
  • KPIs cascaded to functional area

KPI Documentation

  • KPI documentation form functions
  • KPI documentation form design
  • KPI documentation process
  • Organizational KPI libraries development
  • Weights and Indexes

Working with Targets

  • KPI documentation processes
  • Targets in practice
  • Challenges in working with targets
  • Negative behaviors when setting targets



Data Gathering

  • Data quality dimensions
  • KPI reporting data sources
  • KPI activation tools
  • KPI activation techniques
  • Guidelines to improving communication with data custodians
  • Community of Practice

Data Visualization

  • Guidelines to design efficient templates
  • Usability in terms of visual design
  • Scorecard and dashboard examples
  • Best practices in scorecard design
  • Best practices in dashboard design



KPI Project Coordination

  • The business case for KPI implementation
  • KPI project plan
  • Primary and secondary data sources
  • KPI workshop briefing pack

KPI Selection

  • Value driver concept mapping
  • Strategy map
  • KPI Selection techniques ( Expo, KPI clustering)
  • KPI selection techniques (VFA, balancing)
  • Organizational scorecard
  • Initiatives management



KPI Selection and Operational Level

  • Department scorecard
  • Operational dashboard

KPI Measurement

  • Data gathering communication
  • KPI report
  • Change log

Review and Q&A

  • Course review
  • Q&A


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