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About Qatar Training Centre

Qatar Skills Training Centre is the largest and leading training company specializing in work-force development and solutions in Qatar.

We train over thousand participants a year in Qatar alone and boast the largest private training facility in the country. Our clients range from the leading government organizations, and the largest to small medium enterprises as well as individuals who attend our professional development courses.

Guided by the Qatar National Vision 2030, we are a key enabler for human capital development. We have developed an enhanced range of programmes and courses that bring a global standard of training locally to Qatar.

About Us


We are the training provider of choice for the workforce of Qatar, and number one in equipping our students with the knowledge, skills and abilities to ensure a highly developed and competent workforce in alignment with the Qatar National Vision 2030. We are leaders in providing platforms for achievement and innovation in the fields of professional, technical and vocational training for the country’s workforce.


We add value to our students, to our staff, and to the community in which we operate, by providing high quality training programmes for students from all walks of life; programmes that are relevant and specific to their needs and that enhance their career and life chances.

About Us

Training Customisation

We pride ourselves on the quality of our programmes and the singular intention of ensuring long term positive learning and development results with the organizations and individuals that we work with.

CUSTOMIZED PROGRAMMES: QS’s programmes are tailored to meet your specific needs. We have four stages of detailed customization process that ensures relevant content delivered specifically to your organisation’s requirements.

TOPICAL: This is our basic level of customization where content is derived from combining existing Qatar Skills material for our client’s needs. The course content is compiled from topics listed in the Subject Areas from our publicly available courses.

BEST PRACTICE STANDARDS: This customization offers the incorporation of our client’s standards and preferred best practices into the training material to allow staff to ‘hit the ground running’ after training is complete. These training courses compare with what international best practice standards are in place for benchmarking purposes.

DATA INTEGRATION: At this level of customization, we incorporate our client’s data into the training exercises.

IDEAL STATE MODEL: At this level, we incorporate our client’s company models into the training material so users are immediately exposed to proper best practices they should be using in their daily work. This results in accurate and reusable designs while enhancing productivity. Unique to this top level of customization is our truly bespoke curriculum developed for clients and geared towards their needs.

POST TRAINING SUPPORT & ASSURING TRAINING ROI: We focus on clearly defining the business issues, rather than just providing content. We partner with our clients to co-design our learning solutions, make our learning “stick,” and support the transfer of learning back on the job so that it leads to improved performance. Our approach is business-centric, practical to implement, and proven in practice in leading companies across industries and the globe.

Qatar Skills Training Centre
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We are eager to discuss you business needs, and answer any questions you may have. Kindly fill in this form to get your copy.
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