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International Coaching Federation (ICF)

ICF Approved Enhancing Coaching Skills Programme

Code: ICF - 01

Duration: 60 hours

Start Date:

Location: Doha


Course Overview

The ICF Credential represents a pivotal milestone in the journey to professional recognition. It not only elevates credibility within the coaching industry but also acts as a gateway to new opportunities, establishing valuable connections within the professional network.

Course Objectives

The Qatar Skills ICF-Accredited Training programme is a meticulously designed initiative aimed at equipping participants with the knowledge and skills imperative for attaining a LEVEL 1 ICF Credential. This comprehensive curriculum ensures a transformative learning experience, leveraging the expertise of industry leaders and seasoned coaches who will mentor participants every step of the way.


Who Should Attend?

Individuals aspiring to obtain ICF credentials as an Associate Certified Coach (ACC) with the goal of pursuing coaching as a full-time career.

Course Outline

What Does it Take to Earn a Credential?

Earning an ICF Credential is a rigorous process with five key components that provides legitimacy and credibility to Credential-holders:


Obtain coach-specific education aligned with the ICF definition of coaching, ICF Core Competencies and ICF Code of Ethics.


Coaching experience hours must begin after you have started a coaching education program.

Mentor Coaching

Receive mentor coaching to strengthen your skills within the ICF Core Competencies.

Performance Evaluation

Pass a performance evaluation(s) that assess your coaching skills against ICF standards.


Pass a written exam designed to test your understanding of and ability to apply the ICF definition of coaching, ICF Core Competencies and ICF Code of Ethics.


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