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Overseas Training Programmes (OTP)

The Comprehensive Course In Contemporary Management and Leadership Development

Code: OTP - 58

Duration: 1 Month

Start Date: 22 April, 2024

Location: Istanbul


Course Objectives

  • Monitoring strategic changes surrounding the institution, preparing for them, adapting to them, and exploiting them.
  • Creative and distinctive strategic solutions for administrative and leadership problems and problems of subordinates.
  • Discovering hidden and untapped capabilities and skills of employees.
  • Promoting a culture of dealing with conflicts and disputes in the workplace and utilizing them positively in the interest of work.
  • Solving work problems creatively.
  • Acquiring the skill of analysis and evaluation of the work situation and current work methods and procedures.
  • Discovery of weaknesses in current work methods and procedures that require development or simplification.
  • Application of all necessary stages to develop work methods and procedures towards the optimal state that achieves organizational goals efficiently and effectively.
  • Utilization of modern scientific and practical models, tools, and methods necessary for developing and simplifying work procedures.
  • Developing their skills and capabilities in strategic thinking, vision formulation, and strategic goal setting.
  • Converting vision and objectives into operational plans.
  • Dealing more effectively, efficiently, and flexibly with internal and external variables within the institution.
  • Enhanced ability to lead development initiatives and strategic and operational change for the better.
  • Working with higher motivation under clear strategic plans, steps, and goals.
  • Dealing more effectively, efficiently, and flexibly with administrative and leadership issues within the institution and its surrounding environment.
  • Handling different types of subordinates, especially in situations requiring negotiation skills.
  • Improved ability to persuade and motivate subordinates to work.
  • Enhancing their capabilities in dealing with various types of conflicts in the workplace.
  • Increasing the strength and effectiveness of their positive influence on subordinates, colleagues, and stakeholders they interact with.
  • Preparing a procedural work guide to ensure the unit operates efficiently and effectively.

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